Garway and its surrounding area have had an interesting and colourful history. This section summarises various aspects of this history and gives references to publications where more detailed information on some of them can be found.

Including old maps of the region and population changes in the Garway area.

Find out how access around the Garway area improved after the late 1700s.

The early inhabitants and evidence of Roman occupation in the Garway area.

This very historic church has an interesting history spanning the last 1400 years.

Find out about the kingdom of Ergyng/Archenfield and Anglo-Saxon impact.

Catholics in the area were persecuted through the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Knights Templar and Hospitaller had a presence in Garway for 400 years.

Find out here about the old pubs and buildings in the area.

Read about the huge impact of Henry VIII's religious laws on the Garway area.